Cloud Climber is a cost-free strolling sim regarding checking out surreal towers

January 17, 2021 Off By Raymond Reed

Cloud Mountain climber is a good way to invest fifteen minutes of your day, I assume: A surreal strolling simulator about exploring the atmosphere of three massive towers, each stretching in the direction of the sky to get to the clouds. It’s a totally articulated video game with a nice, hand-drawn graphical style as well as laid-back gameplay, where mostly you just stray around, climb staircases, transform cranks, and also lay slabs. Timeless video game stuff, truly.

As you discover the clouds you’re dealt with to voiceover narrative concerning why the towers were developed and also why you’re climbing them– the surface area of earth no longer has water, as well as you’re mosting likely to the clouds to get it. That’s also why there’s no one else around. In general, it’s a basic video game, however a wonderful and also rather pretty one. It’s sitting at 91% positive reviews on Steam, where it’s free to download.

An image of imposing wood and stone towers from the game Cloud Climber.

(Picture credit score: 2 Celebrity Gamings) A picture of imposing timber and also stone towers from the video game Cloud Mountain climber. (Image credit rating: Two Celebrity Gamings) An image of enforcing timber as well as rock towers from the video game Cloud Climber. (Picture credit history: Two Celebrity Games) An image of enforcing wood and rock towers from the game Cloud Climber. (Image credit rating: 2 Celebrity Games) 2 Celebrity Gamings is a one-person indie studio that also made totally free challenge experience game My Friend is a Raven. Its present project is My Beautiful Paper Smile, an instead frightening looking scary video game regarding a “a child who is elevated in a center to use a smile forever.” Both Cloud Climber as well as My Pal is a Raven are also available on