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A lost Burial place Raider remake has actually resurfaced, and you can play it

By Raymond Reed

In 2006, Core Design were dealing with a remake of the

original Tomb Raider for Sony PSP called Tomb Raider: 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Though”virtually [embed ded content] completed “, according to workshop manager Gavin Rummery, it was terminated for a cross-platform remake pitched by Crystal Characteristics, which was released in 2007 as Tomb Raider: Wedding Anniversary.

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Call of Task: Warzone’s the majority of irritating guns are lastly getting nerfed

By Raymond Reed

Enjoy those subdued DMR 14 loadouts while you can, because Call of Obligation: Warzone’s most current leading gun is formally getting a nerf.

Raven Software announced today over Twitter that Warzone’s following major patch will target the rifle as well as a few various other guns creating frustrations throughout Verdansk– namely the MAC-10 SMG and also commonly duel-wielded Diamatti …

January 5, 2021 Off

The best horror games

By Raymond Reed

Looking for the best scary games? Whether you’re into jump scares, interactive fiction, thematically interesting stories or just large men running after you with a chainsaw, we’ve filled this list with a wide variety of games that’ll hopefully freak you the hell out.

January 4, 2021 Off

Below’s your Cyberpunk 2077 third-person mod

By Raymond Reed

[embed ded content] If you’ve been hanging out for the unavoidable mod to allow you play Cyberpunk 2077 in third-person, it’s here. Well, kind of. It’s presently a work-in-progress so do not anticipate every little thing to work efficiently– although because this is Cyberpunk 2077 we’re speaking about that’s recommendations you probably do not need to hear. The game had not been designed …

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Cyberpunk 2077 speedrunners have located a bunnyhop manipulate

By Raymond Reed

If you’ve obtained warm memories of abusing videogame dive physics to bunnyhop at unreasonable speeds through Quake or Burglar or Half-Life(until it was patched as well as they removed our enjoyable), you’ll get a kick out of seeing it return in a slightly different type in Cyberpunk 2077.